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Greene County Camera Club


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Dues and Meetings

Dues are collected in January and February or when you join the club. Individual is $25/year and Family is $40/year.

The second and fourth Thursdays of the month we meet in the Greenville Library on the basement floor. The second Thursday of the month at 6:45 PM we meet at the library in Greenville for a competition night that includes beginners and advanced members. Please join us and see how it works. On the fourth Thursday at 7 PM we provide help in photography, Photoshop, critiquing and using digital cameras. The third Wednesday at 7:30 PM we meet at the Athens Cultural Center for special programs by an outside speaker or video.

Competition Rules

  1. The number of entries in the monthly competition to two (2) which can be entered in any way seen fit - two in assigned or two in the general category or one (1) in each.
  2. Take in of photos is from 6:30 to 7:00 PM.
  3. Size of photographs should be 8" X 10" matted to 11" X 14" or a photo 11" X 15" matted to 16" x 20" with a thickness no more than 1/4".
  4. Photographs can be manipulated in any way.
  5. Archival photos or digital files from previous years may be used.

Making A Critique of a Photograph

A critique is a written or verbal evaluation of a photograph based on careful observation. It does not do to just say "I like the photograph". The critique must mention what you like and why you like it. Here are some guidelines on what you should look at and consider making comments about in a photo critique:

(1) COMPOSITION -CONTENT - This is what the photograph is saying. What is the Center of Interest in the photograph? Where does your eye come to rest in viewing the photo? If there is more than one focus point does that add to the photographs interest or distract from it? Where was the Center of Interest placed within the frame of the photo? Did they use the rule of thirds? What other eye control elements are in the photo (leading lines, contrast, diagonal lines, etc). Did the photographer get close enough to the subject to include only what is important? In other words, are there wasted parts of the frame that contain items not adding to the message of the photo?

(2) BACKGROUND - How did the photographer use the tools of selective focus or depth of field to deal with the background? Is the background simplified, included or a solid or is it nonexistent? How does the background add or distract from the message of the photo?

(3) CAMERA WORK -TECHNICAL - Exposure and focus begin in the camera. Is the subject sharp and clearly in focus? Are part of the photo that need to be clearly focused out of focus? Exposure is observed in the details of the shadow area. A properly exposed photo will have some texture in the shadows. Is the photo exposed properly and give some evidence of what you see? Contrast in processing the film or the contrast of the photo paper effects the highlights in a photo. Is there detail visible in the brightest parts of the print? If there are areas of the print that lack detail is that good or bad?

(4) CRAFTSMANSHIP - Does the photo have stains, spots, dust and scratches? Is it nicely displayed in the frame or is it just slapped in? Does the photograph look like care was made in making it or is there evidence that the person just rushed it?

(5) YOUR OPINION ON THE PHOTO - What do you like about the subject? Is it an emotional shot, a story, a statement, a humorous photo, or what? Is there anything about the photograph that you would do differently if you were the photographer and had the chance to do the same shot?

Show Rules for Greenville Library

1. Usually three entries per member.
2. Take in date is the first Sunday of the Month from 1 - 3 PM.
3. All work must be for sale.
4. Neilson type frames are required. All work must have not been shown previously in the gallery.
5. Maximium size 20 X 24, miniuium size 11 X 14, minimium photograph size 8 X 10.
6. Entry forms will be provided prior to hanging.
7. Pick up date is the first Sunday of the following month from 10 to 12 AM.
8. 10% of any/all sales will be given to the Library as a commission.
9. Members only. No entry fee.

Our Library Bibliography

Pinhole photography

click here for Night Exposures and Hyperfocal Distances

click here for Color Theory by Ken Bovat

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