"Fun with Creative Scanner Imaging"

Scan of Bamboo Leaves by Jerry Freedner

On Wednesday, July 18 at 7:30 pm, the Greene County Camera Club will present a free program open to the public at the Athens Cultural Center with Photographer Jerry Freedner. "Creative Scanner Imaging" will be a talk just scantily technical and more about the absolute fun to be had creating still life images directly on the scanner glass. It is a very simple and tremendously rewarding, high- resolution digital capture technique.

In the 1960s Jerry Freedner studied photography at the New School in NYC, and then with Lisette Model. He enjoyed many workshops and, through the pre-digital age, thousands of hours in my darkroom. As it was then and as it is now, he has an enduring affinity with nature in all of its forms. Within the last ten years his concerns have shifted to the intense fragility of this earth we share. His work is apolitical yet he hopes that it might serve as a vehicle to stir a sense stewardship: to conserve the wonder and beauty about us, which is now fraught with unhappy change and threatened loss. Freedner’s work has been shown in a dozen venues this year and he shoots, post processes or scans every day.

The Greene County Camera Club, established in 1995, has a tradition of teaching and sharing photographic skills with the community. Its’ members embrace all approaches from classic to cutting edge technology. Not restricted to Greene County residents, the club furthers the interest, education and social benefits of photography offering three meetings every month. For more information, contact Eileen Camuto at (518) 678-9044 or morninglight1@verizon.net and Nora Adelman (518) 945-2866 or brphoto@mhcable.com. The Greene County Camera Club website, www.gccameraclub.com, offers details about the meetings, photography information and works by Club members. The Athens Cultural Center is located at 24 Second Street just off Route 385. The entrance to the Athens Municipal Parking Lot is on Franklin Street. Information about exhibits, classes, performances and events of the Athens Cultural Center can be found at www.athensculturalcenter.org.

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