Greene County Camera Club

The Greene County Camera Club was established in 1995. We are affiliated with the Hudson Valley Photography Network. The beautiful work of some of our members appears on our open Facebook page.

We welcome photographers from any county to participate in our friendly, forward-thinking, supportive and ever-evolving community. We meet twice monthly (the second and fourth Thursday evenings) at the Art Gallery in the Greenville Library located near the intersection of Routes 81 and 32 in Greenville. We have a very-well received annual exhibit at the Blue Hill Gallery at Columbia-Greene Community College organized by Photographer Ken Bovat and a show coming up this fall at the Athens Cultural Center.

We have a tradition of teaching and sharing photographic skills. Our members embrace all approaches from classic to cutting edge technology. Most are using digital technology.

We have two monthly meetings (except July and August). On the second Thursday of each month we have a “digital critique,” in which works in progress are projected and members give constructive feedback. This meeting occasionally includes a tutorial, technique demonstration or video equipment and periodicals offerings.

On the fourth Thursday, we hold a competition in which members may present a total of two works in an “assigned” or “general” topic. Works are presented anonymously, judged and critiqued by club members based on “12 Elements of a Merit Image” (from the Professional Photographers Association). All presented are then invited to offer their feedback. The Assigned Topics for 2018 are light and shadows, angles, self-portrait, high key, storytelling, composite, something old, texture, depth of field, b&w portrait.

Annual Dues - $25 Information: Nora Adelman 518 945-2866

Contacts: Eileen Camuto and Nora Adelman



Competition Night

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Fences by Mike Lynch
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Hiding in the Weeds by Eileen Camuto

Assigned Category
Hiding in the Weeds by Eileen Camuto

Fences by Mike Lynch

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Fences by Mike Lynch

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