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Greenville Camera Club October 25th, 2007

#1. Colored Lines : Turn image horizontal. Select single marquee tool and place in center or wherever you choose to draw a vertical line on image. Ctrl T; use again to expand or tilt. Select ctrl T and pull from center point out to each edge of frame to disperse color.

Ctrl U hue/saturation.

Duplicate layer (Ctrl J). Use erase tool, select funky brush and use to bring palette back or great technique as border. Use big brush to clean up area. Stroke to frame the area selected.

Ctrl Z to go back.

With a portrait, use the history brush to erase design (background) and see face. Ctrl j for duplicate layer and take down opacity 50%, select oval marquee tool for subject area. Use layer style for border effects.

2. QUICK MASK for portrait: Lasso subject. File/new/8x10. Move subject onto white canvas w/move tool. Hit Q key so everything is red (mask). For black and white squares in tool menu you can use x key to switch between modes. With paint brush, select black to paint in area switch to white to take red out and see image. (White takes red out). Hit Q again, to see lines. Ctrl H to hide moving ants.

3. FILTER-EXTRACT: Select paint brush to trace around subject (neon). Use paint bucket and dump inside selection with blue, hit ok. Duplicate layer, use history brush to fill in missed areas. Use eraser tool to rid smudges. History brush to add. Leave subject on original background. Drag colored background (Russian Art) behind subject. Once you close or save the file the history brush can no longer be used.

3A SHELL DESIGN: File-new-white-8x10. Select polygon tool-smooth corners-five sides. With black make shape, duplicate on canvas. Alt and keep mouse down and move. Ctrl T; Ctrl shift; Ctrl backspace removes smaller; Ctrl and click on layer of marching ants. Merge visible. Alt -;

Ctrl T and turn and make smaller (enter). Do this 3 times-- CTRl SHIFT ALT T. Then keep hitting T and it will make a path.

Fill w/paint bucket-any color. Filter-texture-texturize.


NOTE; Select colors first then Filter-render-clouds with two colors to create background effect. Could use with lighting too.

Also fiber. Ctrl U for hue/saturation changes.

4. BUTTERFLY FARM: Bring up image and place on new canvas. If butterfly is vertical, straighten using ctrl/parenthesis to show grid and straighten. Ctrl T to re-size holding shift key and grab corner, return. Ctrl J to duplicate the layer. With rectangular marquee, select half of butterfly, ctrl T and move center point to center line and grab left edge and bring over to right side of page to duplicate butterfly.

Butterfly vertical, straighten. Ctrl J. With marquee select half of butterfly, ctrl T and move center point to center and grab left side and drag over to right edge.

5. Liquify: Use this technique to remove unwanted areas/shrink and take off some pounds or define a figure as in Ken’s Puerto Rican “fat ass”.

Select smudge tool-finger with white to remove corner eye gunk and lengthen/straighten teeth at 50% opacity. Note: ctrl Z to go back in history.

Filter-liquify-finger. Freeze tool to paint area red that you don’t want to move or select. Go back to finger and move area. Then thaw tool to unthaw. Pucker tool to shrink areas.

Try with rocks and scenics…. waterfalls etc.

6. LIGHTNING: File-new-8x10-white-horizontal. Brush-normal-black. Draw vertical lines down canvas. Filter-blur-Gaussian blur. Filter-distort-polar coordinates. Filter, render, diff clouds. Ctrl I to invert background to black/lighting. Go to image-adjustments-brightness down/contrast up to make it dark. Ctrl U to saturate. Use this for backgrounds or add to a dark sky. Ctrl B for color.

Cap key may hide or bring back the tool menu

7. SOFTEN/SHARPEN: Use this for portraits/faces and also try with scenics or flowers to pop the lines of definition.

Image-mode-lab color. Select channels palette and click on lightness black and white. Filter-sharpen-unsharp mask. Adjust according to your application on the photo. Image-mode-rgb. Ctrl J-filter-blur-gaussion blur at 17% (or adjust). Switch to layers palette and use opacity to control amount.

8. HI-LIGHT/SHADOWS: Works best with a light background and dark hair or v.v. Try for working with contrast. Ctrl L move slider for hi-lights. Ctrl/alt/tilda (above key tab) to isolate hi-lights. Ctrl/shift/invert (shadows). Ctrl L to lighten background without blowing out the white in an image. Ctrl H to hide the ants. Keep moving the histogram sliders to the left to get a high key look then Ctrl L again. Repeat…

9. TATTOO REMOVED: Or any other unwanted object. Ken used a bride with a tattoo on her arm. Select patch tool, the 4th tool down on the left, and mark area as a ‘source’. Click on the move tool and use it. Now click the patch tool outside the selected area to turn it off.

T to select the type tool, add text. Click and drag for placement.

Use ctrl T to change the font, color, size, etc. To warp the text use the symbol to the right of the colored box in the top horizontal menu. Layer-Rasterize-type. Stroke type w/ level 2 to outline. Use texture-grain to change appearance of type.

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