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Greene County Camera Club


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Greene County Camera Club

*  Books available through Mid-Hudson Library System
#  Books available directly from members
%  Books  in Camera Club Library


*100 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs Guy Edwardes %Advanced Photography John Hedgecoe *The Art of Garden Photography Ian Adams *The Art of Outdoor Photography Boyd Norton Voyageur Press '01 *Artist’s Photo Reference: Flowers Gary Greene *Creative Black-And-White Photography Bernhard Suess Allworth Press '03 %Criticizing Photographs Terry Barrett ‘96 *Designing a Photograph (Revised) -- Visual Techniques for Making Your Photos Work Bill Smith Amphoto '01 TR179.S64 ISBN 0-8174-3778-9 %How to Look at Photographs David Finn ‘94 *How To Use Your Eyes James Elkins Routledge '00 QP475.5.E456 ISBN 0-415-92254-2 %How to Photograph People HP Books *Learning to See Creatively -- How to Compose Great Photographs Bryan Peterson Amphoto '88 TR179.P47 ISBN 0-8174-4177-8 %The New Joy of Photography Eastman Kodak ‘85 *Photographic Composition Ben Clements and David Rosenfeld Van Nostrand '74 ISBN 0-442-23212-8 *Photographic Composition Tom Grill Amphoto '83 *Photographing your Children Suzanne Szasz *Photographing your Family Greg Lewis *Photography Tom Angh '05 *Photos With Impact Tom Mackie Daid & Charles '03 *Posing Techniques for Digital Portraits: A Guide to Making Everyone Looking Their Best Jeff Smith *Step-By-Step Composition Techniques for Digital Photographers Ernst Eildi Amherst '05
%Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Martin Evening ‘02 *Adobe Photoshop CS Fast and Easy Eric Grebler *Adobe Photoshop CS2: The No Nonsense Guide David Rivers %Color Photography Henry Horenstein ‘95 %The Complete 35 mm Sourcebook Michael Busselle '92 *Complete Digital Photography Ben Long *The Complete Idiot’s Guiide to Photography Like a Pro Mike Stensvold/PHOTOgraphic Magazine '05 *Digital Photography 101:Create Dazzling Digital Images Michelle Perkins *Digital Photography 1, 2, 3: Taking and Printing Great Pictures Rob Sheppard '05 *George Eastman and the Story of Photographic Film Joanne Mattern '05 %Great Pictures With Your Simple Camera Charles Gatewood ‘82 %How to Make Good Pictures Eastman Kodak ‘72 %The Joy of Photography Eastman Kodak ‘79 %The Joy of Photography - New Eastman Kodak ‘85 %Learning to Light Roger Hicks ‘98 *Mastering Digital Photography: The Serious Photographer’s Guide to High Quality Digital Photography David Busch '06 *The Photographer’s Guide to Using Filters Joseph Meehan *The Photographer’s Guide to Using Light Ted Schwarz, Brian Stoppee, Thom O’Connor *The Photographer’s Studio Manual Michael Freeman *Photoshop Elements 3 for Dummies Deke McClellan Wiley Pub '04 *Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook for Digital Photographers John Beardsworth %Photoshop in a Nutshell Donnie O’Qiinn ‘99 *The Shutterfly Guide to Great Digital Photos Jeffrey Housenbold %SLR Photoghrapher Handbook Carl Shipman ‘77 *Step-by-Step Digital Photography: A Giude for Beginners Jack and Sue Drafahl
*America Through the Lens: Photographers Who Changed the Nation Martin W. Sandler '05 *August F Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits Peter Mesenheoiller *A Beautiful Catastrophe: Photographs by Bruce Gilden Bruce Gilden *Deep South Sally Mann *Erich Lessing: Arresting Time Reportage Photography Alistair Crawford *Eyes With Winged Thoughts - Poetry and Images by Gordon Parks Atria Books '05 %The Family of Man Museum of Modern Art/Edward Steichen *Isabelle Huppert: Woman of Many Faces Ronal Ariel Chammah, Serge Toubiana, Susan Sontag *John Szarkowski: Photographs John Szarkowski *Lee Miller[‘s War: Allies in Europe '44-45 Antony Penrose *Loiuis Daguere and the Story of the Daguerreotype John Bankston %Looking at Photographs Museum of Modern Art *Lynn, Front to Back Lynn Kohlman '05 %National Geographic -- 100 Best Pictures %The New England Farm Guy Russell *Photo by Brady: A Picture of the Civil War Jennifer Armstrong *Photographs Bernice Abbott *Photographs Harry M. Callahan *Photographs Imogene Cunningham *Photographs Annie Leibovitz *Photographs Aaron Siskind *Photographs by Man Ray *Photographs by Snowdon *Photographs George Eastman House *Photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson *Photographs of Adolphe Brown *Photographs of Edward Weston %Platinum Scenes - Photographs by Irving Herman %Polarioid Portfolio #1 John Wolbarst ‘59 %Private View - Baryshnikov’s Ballet Theater Eve Arnold *Romantic Landscapes: Photographs in the Tradition of the Hudson Valley Painters Stan Lichens *Seaport: New York’s Vanished Waterfront (Photos from the Edwin Levick Collection) Phillip Lopate *Wide Angle: National Geographic Greatest Places Ferdinand Protzman '05 *Woman in the Mirror - Richard Avedon Anne Hollander and Mary Shanahan
*Creative Scrapbooking with your Computer Memory Makers Books %The Eternal Moment: Essays Estelle Jussim %The Freelance Photographer’s Handbook Fredrik D. Bodin ‘93 %Greene County Camera Club Photo Shoot June 22, '06 DVD *How to Do Just About Anything with Your Digital Photos (e-mail sharing, projects, digital scrapbooks) Graham Davis %Legal Guide for the Visual Artist Tad Crawford’97 *Photo Fun: Print your Own Fabric Cyndy Lyle Rymer Hewlett-Packard *Photocraft: Cool Things to Do with the Pictures You Love Caroline Herter %Stieglitz on Photography: Essays Richard Whelan
%Rolling Stone, Issue 1000 Collectors’ Edition %National Geographic, January 31, '02 100 Best Pictures %Time, December 18, '06 The Year’s Best Pictures %U.S. News & World Report, August 7, '01 Defining Moments How Photography Changed Our World

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